Director Message


DAV Public School, Berhampur makes all of us feel proud for having earned a reputation as an Institution making its mark in every field year after year. It has been progressing by leaps and bounds. If students have been writing the story of its success year after year, efforts of its staff are commendable for their sincerity of purpose. Infrastructure wise, it stands apart.

Today’s world does not need only progress but also continuous efforts to accept and adapt the changes, making the 21st century students develop a scientific bent of mind. But, along with qualities of head, qualities of Heart and Hand must be developed to keep alive the spirit of humanity and brotherhood. Conforming to the DAV Traditions, DAV Public School, Berhampur is keeping that spark of human emotions, sense of belongingness and respect for Indian values burning in the deep recesses of the developing minds.

I am sure and I wish DAV Public School, Berhampur will continue to hold enviable position amongst DAV Institutions world wide.
Wishing all the success to Team DAV Berhampur.

Dr. K C Satapathy,
Regional Director,
DAV InstitutionsOdisha Zone – I
D.A.V Public School, Chandrasekharpur