Other Facilities

Play Ground

About 2 Acre of Landis completely dedicated to PlayGround to train students in different games. We became the proud host of CBSE Cluster Level Kho-Kho Meet in 2017 which angurs well for the School Team Work, Organising Capability as well as interest in sports.

Social Science Laboratory

Our efficient Master Trainer, Ms. Dharashree Padhi, School Coordinator leads the entire team of Social Science Teachers for providing training to TGT’s of Social Science at Regional Level.In Service Teacher Training Prograammes have been regularly hosted by our school science 2015. The Social Science Lab was inaugurated along with a History Museum as live examples of making Social Science important and interesting connecting it to our day to day life. The lab is a hub of Maps, Charts, Geographical Models.

Staff Rooms

Increasing number of staff corresponding to the number of students led to the requirement of larger number of staff rooms. Presently, school has six staff rooms in its campus as at Gosaninuagaon and Gandhi Nagar.


The School also has the facility to supply refreshment (As per CBSE Guidelines) at cost to the Staff and the Students (Std. III – XII). But the students are expected to bring their own Tiffin Boxes along with Water Bottles.

Knowledge Hub

Technology today has invaded the classrooms like never before . How could DAV Berhampur lag behind? Today, we have 16 rooms and 2 Audio Visual hall & equipped with Smartclasses of M/s. Educomp as well as M/s ExtraMarks.

The Smart Classes are controlled from a well equipped Knowledge Centre under the care of a Resource Coordinator. The teachers can browse the content and prepare their weekly teaching plans sitting in the knowledge centre.